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  1. DSLD is a degeneration of the ligaments of a horse. In severe cases it can lead to death or the impossibility to use the horse for the designed purpose.
  2. There is no scientific agreement whether DSLD is a disease or the consequence of a repeated injury. There is not even agreement whether DSLD is the right name for describing the symptoms.
  3. DSLD is a phenomenon that can occur in most breeds of horses, including breeds of gaited horses. In a survey of horses that were presented to equine colleges in North America over the years 1987 to 1997 and diagnosed with DSLD about 1% were Paso Peruanos. All the other horses were from other breeds, including breeds of gaited horses.
  4. Therefore the information in the media and the internet linking DSLD “exclusively” to Paso Peruanos is totally false and unfair.
  5. Since it is totally unpredictable whether a horse will get DSLD in the future, the information of some sellers or breeders that their horses are DSLD–free is totally unrealistic and is giving a potential buyer false hopes and conclusions.
  6. Some of the measurements to reduce the risk of DSLD are
  7. Selection of horses that show good conformation (good angles, short pasterns,…)
  8. All other practices of good horse management, including:
  9. Avoiding overweight
  10. Proper trimming
  11. Maximize the amount of grass, hay and straw, minimize the amount of industrial feeds
  12. Maximum of free movement
  13. Warming up and cooling down before and after training
  14. Training takes into account the horse age and its degree of fitness
  15. Make sure the horse obtains all trace nutritional components of high quality
  16. First indications of possible treatments, not yet scientifically proven, are starting to emerge.
  17. It is our intent to inform people interested in Paso Peruanos about DSLD, the evolution of proven scientific knowledge of the phenomenon and ways to reduce risks, alleviate the symptoms and hopefully possible cures of DSLD in the future.